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National Certification...?

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National Medical Billing Certification?????Certification?

it can be terribly confusing when deciding to start your business or enter into the medical billing industry whether it's your own business or choosing to work within a physicians office or hospital. If you do a Google search on "National Medical Billing Certification" you will see there are various companies, schools and associations offering what they are calling "National Certification" We thought it best to explain why and hopefully dispel some mis-information out there.


First, let us say this:  THERE IS NO NATIONAL CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENT NEEDED to do medical billing. There are states that require registration and or licensing of third party medical billing companies but NO REQUIREMENT FOR CERTIFICATION.

Since we have that fact out of the way, does that mean we don't think certification is required? No, of course not. But we don't feel it's fair that some of these companies, organizations, schools and associations should be misleading people into thinking they have "THE" National Medical Billing Certification Program.  If that were true then you would not see so many ad's for different certifications. Nearly every day I am asked " Will a course at XYZ company give me enough education to sit for the National Medical Billing Certification? at so-and-so's association?  One associations response to why they call their certification "National Certification" was because the course was offered Nationally? Of course it's offered nationally, why wouldn't it?  Whatever course you choose should consist of real education directly linked to this business. Rather than focusing on the credential given upon completion of the exam do your research based on what the course or school has to offer. Simply accepting the marketing of the certification being "National" should NOT influence your decision!

Below is an example of some confusing search results you will find when seeking out courses based on "National Certification". Don't take our word for it, do your own search and you will find the same thing. Ad's like : "Become a nationally certified medical biller..." Sure, there's nothing illegal about this type of advertising, but as a consumer I want to know to what they base this statement on..? The fact that the certification is "OFFERED" nationally?  Because AGAIN.. there is NO known National CERTIFICATION REQIREMENT nor is there ANY agency or association that can claim they have
THE National Medical Billing Certification.

Accreditation and Licensing

Both accreditation and licensure are an attestation by a third party that an educational institution and its curriculum have been reviewed and evaluated and certain standards have been met.  The process ensures that the institution behaves in an ethical manner and maintains strict quality controls.  A continued education course and/or organization that undergoes licensing requirements are held to a higher standard usually by their States Commission on Post Secondary Education.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Liz Jones, the President and Founder of MAB (Medical Association of Billers)  Her CMBS Certification and courses are licensed by the State of Nevada which has very strict regulations which must be met by all brick and mortar as well as distance learning facilities prior to conducting classes.  Educators, including teachers and administrators, are required to submit to background checks and fingerprinting to assure the safety of their students.  Once a complete application is submitted, a panel of evaluators reviews the institution’s facility, library, books and materials, curricula, financial stability, instructor qualifications, etc.  At the initial licensure meeting institutions must explain in detail how they meet each requirement and address any concerns the panel of evaluators have.  Institutions must demonstrate competencies in: meeting educational objectives; curriculum design and implementation; methods; assessment; record keeping; and academic administration.  Institutions are continually re-evaluated to verify that the minimum standards are met or exceeded.  Once a state licensure has been obtained other states offer full reciprocity or acceptance of the approved curriculum in their state.


Accreditation is a voluntary process of being a certified as meeting minimum requirements designated by an accrediting agency, third party, non government approved agencies.. There is no officially sanctioned accrediting board in the United StatesAny organization can claim to be an accrediting agency, so watch out! Many online schools make up "fake" accrediting agencies in order to convince people that they should be trusted. These fake agencies have official sounding names and, sometimes, even have accompanying websites. check to see if your degree or certification will be considered as legitimate as most traditional schools. If your school is accredited by a "fake" agency, your degree may not be accepted by schools and employers. Also be leery of those claiming "membership" to certain associations they claim provide credibility to their courses or exams. Research the program the company proclaims membership to and look into their levels of membership, requirements for membership and does membership mean their course/exam is approved and how they determine this. For example, an online school or an Association that offers online medical billing courses and certificates might claim membership to another Association that advertises their association oversees certain industry standards and then grants approval to that association which leads consumers to believe it "Must be legit". Research their membership with the association and find out what membership level they have. Some Associations or schools will merely become a "member" just to say they are without even having had their course/curriculum approved!  I don't know about you but that sounds very misleading to me.

So what do you look for in your quest for Certification?

Let's make this simple. Many experts will mislead you into thinking you need to have the following in order to do medical billing:

Medical Terminology, Coding and Anatomy & Physiology

This is simply not TRUE!  While you will be faced with certain medical terms most doctors who spend YEARS in school don't know medical billing! Why do you think there is a need for medical billers?

As for Anatomy, again, we use the same analogy, Doctors know anatomy and physiology, medical billing!

We are not saying that certification isn't advantageous, we are saying that the certification should be secondary to the education and knowledge gained through the course or exam you take to earn that certification. We have seen some who have spend hundred's of dollars on a course/exam, pass it, and obtain the certification given only to NOT even know what HIPAA is or how to read an EOB. It happens and it happens frequently. 

What courses/Certification does PMRNC recommend?

One of the things we pride ourselves on and always will is our honesty, integrity, and impartiality. We have never, nor will we ever sugar coat the industry in order to financially profit. We have a passion for the true integrity of this business and we always will. That's our commitment to you and to the industry as a whole!

We strongly recommend consumers to choose their educational materials carefully and first be sure this business is for them. It takes a lot of discipline and you have to actually CARE about your clients revenue like you do your own. With all that said we have reviewed some courses, listened to students and our subscribers and from them we have come to the conclusion that we won't recommend any course/exam/certification without actually having not gone through it. I just wouldn't feel right.  So, of all the courses we have seen, spoken and communicated with other students who have taken it, and feel VERY comfortable recommending without hesitation..we recommend...

Medical Billing Course, LLC   This course does offer a full array of courses and the option to purchase chapters individually or packaged, the course is THE best one I have seen in regards to actually being geared towards ANYONE looking to get into this business whether you are looking for an in-office job or starting your own billing company. If you are looking to start your own billing company, Medical Billing Course, LLC has a full package with marketing and student support that walks you through ALL the steps in starting up. They do offer a certification titled CMBP (Certified Medical Billing Professional) But in my opinion from going through their course, this certification is just an added bonus to the invaluable, constantly updated and easy to follow course. Another plus is that once you purchase, you get the whole course, you don't have to go back and spend MORE money to get a study guide, it's all inclusive!  And there is more, there is one thing this course provides that NO other course will give you.. REAL TIME, HANDS ON EXPERIENCE! Yes, their course will have you entering real data, into their REAL Practice Management Software, printing reports, entering claims, and actually working as a medical biller to give you the hands on experience that is so valuable!  NO Other course provides this!


Stay in Business....Stay Informed...~!


Let's cut to the chase...  ALL OF OUR RESOURCES....ONE PLACE...UNLIMITED ACCESS...$79.99 Renew prior to expiration at the renewal rate of just $59.99!     



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